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Kleiner Hund schnüffelt mit dem Phino-Sniffpad Small

Our Sniffpad

Dogs explore the world with their noses and gather all kinds of information by sniffing. Our Sniffpads are ideal for supporting this keen sense of smell playfully. In addition, the intelligence, concentration, and self-confidence of your dog are encouraged. This type of activity is also suitable for insecure or fearful dogs to give them positive reinforcement in certain situations.


Regardless of whether your dog is a sniffing beginner or a sniffing expert: Our Sniffpad is suitable for everyone because you can easily adjust the level of difficulty to suit your dog. By the way, our dogs use their Phino-Sniffpads not only for sniffing fun but also to relax afterward. This is an absolute plus point when traveling. 


Our design is modern, stylish, and a highlight for every home. By using environmentally friendly and high-quality materials, we want to give you and your dog joy for a long time. 


To offer all dog noses the greatest possible fun, we have designed three different sizes. We are excited to find out which size is perfect for your friend!

Every dog matters
That's why we donate 10€ per Sniffpad to animal welfare.

Schnüffelteppich Hund 
Schnüffelteppich Hund schön 
Schnüffelspiel Hund kaufen
Phino Sniffad 
Schnüffelmatte für Hunde

Are you unsure which size suits your dog?

Feel free to send us an email to with a photo of your loved one and we'll find out together. 

Make your day phinomenal.

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