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We designed our Sniffpad Medium for medium-sized dog breeds such as Beagle, Terrier or Cocker Spaniel. We also recommend this size for small dogs with flat snouts, such as French bulldogs.

The Sniffpad Medium is perfect for our sniffing expert Tino. With his long, medium-sized, pointed snout he finds every hidden treat.

Each Sniffpad has been cut and sewn by hand, making it unique. The manufacturing process for our sniffpads is complex, technically demanding and requires several hours for each piece. We were looking for a production company that could implement our project exactly according to our wishes for a very long time. Please note that because each sniffpad is handmade, it is individual and deviations from the product photos are possible. That's exactly what we like - away from the pressure of perfection and towards individuality and joy. Depending on availability, we also use different cotton cords. We always use the same cotton fabric, but this can also have slight differences in color depending on the batch.

Are there still any questions unanswered? Then take a look at our FAQ or contact us directly at

Phino-Sniffpad Medium

VAT Included |
    • Material: 100% canvas cotton
    • Washable up to a maximum of 30°C, we recommend washing your Sniffpad preferably using the hand wash program, not suitable for tumble drying
    • Diameter: approx. 50 cm

Stefanie & Jola

“Jola is difficult to get excited in general, but with a little patience the Phino-Sniffpad has become an integral part of her everyday life and she enjoys it.”

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