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Our Vision

Our heart's desire is a world in which all beings live peacefully together and respect each other. ​


We founded Phino to enrich dogs' lives. Our vision is to inspire people to recognize the needs of their dogs and to keep them trained in a playful, species-appropriate manner. With every Sniffpad we support an active, varied, and species-appropriate dog life. ​


Countless dogs are not fortunate enough to live in loving homes. We would also like to help them with Phino so we donate 10€ from every Sniffpad sold to a non-profit animal protection project. ​That way, we want to enrich as many dogs' lifes as possible.

Ein kleiner Hund liegt auf dem Sofa und wartet auf sein Phino-Sniffpad

Schnüffelteppich Hund 
Schnüffelteppich Hund schön 
Schnüffelspiel Hund kaufen
Phino Sniffad 
Schnüffelmatte für Hunde

Our donation project partners ​


N&N – helping dogs

The “N&N-helping dogs” association is primarily active in the Croatian and Bosnian regions and works to improve the quality of life of injured, old, and difficult-to-place animals. With their castration project and the animal shelter they built themselves, they want to help as many dogs as possible and place them in loving families.




Drei Hunde sitzen und warten auf ihr Phino-Sniffpad
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