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Welcome to our Phino-Family

With Phino, we, Mum and three sisters contribute our part to the careful and loving handling of dogs. Our two Sniffexperts Phoenix and Tino are the proud name-givers of our brand. Both of them inspired us to design high-quality and modern Sniffpads.

The Phino-Team - Mum, three sisters, and their two dogs.

That´s us

Schnüffelteppich Hund 
Schnüffelteppich Hund schön 
Schnüffelspiel Hund kaufen
Phino Sniffad 
Schnüffelmatte für Hunde

Through our individuality, each of us contributes an important part to the uniqueness of Phino. Every part, from product design to graphic work, photos and videos, content creation, and our online shop, is mastered by our team. We treat animals and nature with care and love, as well as in our daily lives with each other. Phino intends to bring joy to dogs and their people. 

Sarah, our Entrepreneur

Sarah - Entrepreneur 

Sarah, our adventurer, is always full of energy and keeps the overview of our team. Inspired by her love for all animals, especially dogs, she has fulfilled herself a dream by founding Phino. 

Daisy, our Graphic Designer

Daisy - Graphic Designer

Our artist is surprising us with her creativity and accuracy over and over again. With her lovely nature she reminds us, that joy should also be the focus.

Tino, our Sniffexpert

Tino - Sniffexpert Medium

Hannah's cuddly companion loves his harmonious everyday life - walk, sniff, eat, sleep, repeat. 

Phoenix, our Sniffexpert

Phönix - Sniffexpert Small

Sarah´s playful best friend accompanied her on all her sportive adventures and became a real Van Life Dog within the past years.

Claudia, our Product Designer

Claudia - Product Management

Claudia, our visionary, is the designer of our unique Sniffpad. "Joy is the key" is her philosophy of life.

Hannah, our Photographer

Hannah - Photography

Hannah loves Photography and exclusive Design. With her power, clarity, and love for aesthetics, she enhances our team.

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