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Welcome to Phino - Our Story

It all started with the idea of getting sniffpads for our dogs to provide them with dog-appropriate entertainment. However, during our research, we couldn't find any sniffpad that met our expectations. It should not only be fun for our dogs but also stylish and of high quality.

The majority of sniffpads are made from fleece, a synthetic fabric composed of polyester, one of the major causes of microplastics. During the washing process, plastic fibers are released, which cannot be completely removed in sewage treatment plants. Consequently, fleece contributes to the pollution of the world's oceans. Even when fleece is produced from recycled PET bottles, it doesn't change the fact that plastic fibers find their way into water, soil, and air. Microplastics can also be a trigger for diseases, especially allergies, in our beloved pets.

For us, this material was not an option. Additionally, in our consumption habits, we are very mindful of buying from companies that prioritize transparency. Many sniffpads lack detailed information about their production, and we found only brightly colored variants that did not align with our taste. It became clear to us that a sniffpad meeting our criteria simply did not exist.

The idea of designing and sewing our own was born.

We were in love with the sniffpads we crafted ourselves, as they significantly enriched our coexistence with our dogs. This prompted the desire to share our version of a sniffpad with the world.

We experimented with various materials and shapes, refining our sniffpad gradually. Collaborating with talented seamstresses, we developed various prototypes, with Tino and Phoenix always serving as our test noses.

We are incredibly excited that the time has come to share our project with you, based on a foundation of love, time, and energy.

Do you have a heartfelt idea you'd like to bring to life or have already implemented it? Inspire us and feel free to leave a comment.


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