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How to use your Phino-Sniffpad

In today's blog post, we'll show you how to make the most of our Phino Sniffpad and bring joy to your furry friend.

Most dogs are easily motivated, especially when treats are involved. Some dogs, at first glance, might not be as interested in a toy or activity. While this can be a matter of personality, in most cases, it's simply a matter of habit and can be trained.

The best approach is to sit down with your dog on the floor, introduce the Sniffpad, and let them explore it calmly. While your dog waits in a sit or stay position, you can easily hide a few treats within the folds in front of their eyes. Initially, it's best to hide just a few treats to keep the waiting time short. Before your dog gets up on their own, use the command "Stay" or "Place," using cues like "Okay" or "Search." This is a great way to train clear communication, attention, and patience with your dog.

Ensure that, during the initial attempts, treats are placed directly on the Sniffpad and are easily reachable. It's crucial that your pet experiences success at each step in the beginning.

After your "Go," allow your dog to familiarize itself with the new Sniffpad and find the easily accessible treats. Once your dog is done, you can praise them and send them back to their waiting position. The game can gradually increase in difficulty by hiding treats deeper within the folds and corners.

In every play session or activity, be sure to end it at the right moment. Ideally, your dog should be mentally engaged but still interested in the game. After the sniffing fun, it's best to put the Sniffpad away so that your dog doesn't have unsupervised access to it. This keeps the Sniffpad game special, and your dog's interest will be sustained over time.

Every dog has its own pace and unique sniffing style. Some catch on quickly, sniffing their way to the treats at lightning speed, while others may need a bit more time.

Have you ever used a Sniffpad with your dog?

What were your initial experiences?

Feel free to leave us a comment.


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